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I do a pretty good job explaining it when docenting at the Guest House museum, where CR Johnson owned the Redwood Lumber Company, and for many decades, so goes Redwood Lumber Company, so went the USA by rail, trail or sail (he owned them all and the company store and the legal tender). The Guest House 1892 was a pre-fab with electric and and water lumbered with Mendo redwood, but milled in san fran (meiggs peir, now known as Fisherman's Wharf), which got Tom Johnson, who was supposed to manage that property from the house, that CR fired Tom, and closed up the house figuring it looked like a carrot dangling to his laborers, many who had been with the company a few generations.. and he was right.. because soon after the CA earthquake, who were once kids before child labor laws, became adults that knew all about the electric and water in the guest house.. so they formed a Union, and demanded water and electric.. which made CR think.. if people can form unions, why can't corporations? And so Union Lumber Company (and other companies under UNION) was born, and corporations have never been the same, they live on and on, generation after generation.

And I don't think that will change.. I think government is going to continue to go that way.. but mom and pop shops will find they do not get the same benfits of huge corporations.. as if you could go anywhere in the world and there would be the same food court brought to us by coke and pepsi.