Comment: I have mixed feeling about this

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I have mixed feeling about this

I support not allowing refugees to walk into your country uninvited. I support laws against their working. I support not providing benefits to them, and support deportation. It doesn't matter what race. I think that's a lesson our own country can learn from.

I don't otherwise support what is best described as racist treatment of native populations of Palestinian Christians and Muslims, where their quarters and neighborhoods are systematically demolished, and populations pushed out. Those people are already part of the country. I don't think we should support Israel, but I'd leave them to do their own thing. Ironically most Christians in the US support Israel but don't realize what's been done to drive Christian in Israel out of their homes. It's sad.

If the Jews in Israel and the US had their way I think they would make economic slaves of all the non-Jews. We use law and the power of the press to prevent any one group that kind of power.