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Key points

I could not sit and listen to John Williams, and unless someone else offers a reason for me to do so, I won't.

A key point is:

Is the United States of America a corporation having made investments on behalf of the corporate financiers and that corporation (legal fiction) is currently going under, and soon that corporation will no longer be operating as a viable corporation.

Are there 50 Constitutionally Limited Republics joined voluntarily into a mutual defensive Federation whereby members of a very sneaky criminal organization have raided the savings accounts of all the members of these Republics, and after some 200 years the members of these Republics have finally woken up in sufficient numbers to regain control of their own free market, voluntary, constitutionally limited Republics within their own voluntary Federation, whereby the criminals who formed the original corporation are all dead and gone, but the current financiers of said corporation still have enough power to start, and perpetrate, World War III if the plug that powers them is not pulled very soon, and that POWER PLUG IS THE FEDERAL RESERVE and THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE (both of which were formed in 1913)?

In other words, is the good faith and credit of the American people enough POWER to begin to turn this Standard of Living in America from steady decline into steady improvement, while, at the same time, the good faith and credit of the America people is sufficiently powerful to reduce the cost of living instead of the steady rise of the cost of living being in FORCE?

In other words, are we the people set to regain Liberty, competition, free markets, productive power remaining in the hands of those who produce it, and therefore more productive economy ensues, or are we the people going to be driven, and led, to slaughter as the criminals who took over our voluntary government force us into losing World War III?