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I think everyone is aware of "the plan"

The interesting part is when "the plan" breaks down. When it jumps the rails, that is when unpredictable things happen.

Remember "the plan" for Bunning's seat? That's the seat Rand is currently sitting in, in case you've forgotten already.

McConnell had "a plan" back then as well, and that was to slip his boy Trey Grayson in there real nice and easy. Everyone was aware of "the plan," all the big guns lined up behind Grayson, but a funny thing happened on the way to the election: The Tea Party.

Now that the Tea Party has gone to Washington, it has become the establishment. First Rand, now Rubio has endorsed McConnell.

So the former Tea Party, now the Establishment, turns its back on the Tea Party candidate Matt Bevin.

Will the Tea Party surge again?

That is up to the Heritage Foundation, Senate Conservatives Fund, Club for Growth, FreedomWorks, etc.

Everyone understands what Rand is up to. The question is whether fate will cooperate or not. This could very well be the most important election of 2014.

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