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"Yes, this applies to the Arabs who fought hard to keep Zionism from succeeding. They had the right to do so

Do you think the Israelis who currently want to exclude African immigrants agree with that? I think not, hence their hypocrisy. They do not believe in the right of a people to exclude immigrants, they believe in the right of THEIR people to exclude immigrants.

"mixing in your personal opinion of which side is moral in a particular situation."

I sympathize with individual Palestinians and Israelis whose rights have been violated over the course of this conflict, but I have no sympathy whatsoever for either side in general: "peoples" do not have rights.

"I don't think there's anything wrong per se in a nation defining its membership and excluding the other 8 billion people from coming into its national space. That's called national sovereignty."

A state is sovereign if its laws are enforced within its own jurisdiction - that's all that sovereignty entails. Restrictive immigration policy is not requisite for sovereignty.

"But I do not think borders are inherently immoral."

The basic function of a border is to define jurisdiction: one state has authority here, another state has authority over there. That function is not eliminated by a policy of free immigration. Being against immigration restriction does not mean being against borders.

"If you are willing to carry that burden, of condemning all nations equally for defining citizenship and limiting entry, you would be consistent."

First, no government anywhere has the right to restrict immigration; that is my position and I DO apply it consistently. Second, restricting citizenship is not the same as restricting immigration. The latter involves the government violating private property rights, the former does not. I am actually in favor of certain restrictions on citizenship.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."