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but we

somehow protect some huge piece of crap statute given to us by the French, a symbol of mass immigration.

While there are thousand year old trees, they are not found on the east coast, and if there are they any they number less than what you could count on one hand.

Trees have always been a place where liberty minded folks gathered in the United States, the Constitution was conceived in part under the Liberty Tree, which the British hated so much they destroyed it.

Just a note, all those people who you say saw the revolution, the civil war etc., are all dead, the Angel Live Oak lives on and reminds us to talk about what those people seen through this tree.

During the wooden shipbuilding area on the east coast, there were many Southern Live Oak, most big ones were cut down long ago, even to make ships like the USS Constitution, this tree however was missed as it was big even 200 years ago, this is one oak that if undisturbed could reach 1000 years old.

I'm all for the free market , but we have to also be good caretakers of our resources and use and protect them in an equal way.

This is one tree that deserves protection.