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I'm not getting it. Is there a ban? Is it just me? I told MN that I would like a debate on the issue and he told me that he was not interested in the topic, and I read on DP, MN was the Mayor and that was the law, and in Mod Box I found out through your post that neither of us could post om the thread we both refered ASKING mod box, what's this gotta do with peace, love and understanding?

I have an idea that you want people to know the truth, which I agree wuth you, but some folks can't handle the truth, they don't want to hear it, don't want to debate, they can spew hatred for weeks and more.. I know what I love and they know what they love and on this issue, we don't agree and we're not going to agree. If they think I will see vid that is going to change my understanding, they are incorrect.. and as the golden rule goes, I expect them to be as interested in my pro stuff as they are with their hate stuff.. so I ty to encourage what it good.