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"If me and a bunch of drag queens from San Francisco wanted to go live in Amish country, any collective activity to exclude us (boycotting our bids on their property, not selling to outsiders, resisting with force an illegal trespass, any use of collective force to repel the invaders, etc.) would be immoral."

An individual has the right to defend his property, and to do business or not do business with anyone he pleases, and to cooperate with others to organize collective security operations or boycotts, but no one has the right to FORCE any individual to participate in such collective security operation against his will (e.g. force him not to employ foreigners) - yet that is exactly what national immigration policies do. Hence those policies are illegitimate.

"If no one was willing to use force to exclude us non Amish troublemakers, we could just overwhelm and destroy Amish society."

Suppose 90% of the Amish community wants nothing to do with foreigners. They would be perfectly within their rights to forcibly deny foreigners access to their lands, to refuse to sell land to foreigners, and to boycott foreign workers and businesses. But they DO NOT have the right to force the other 10% of the community to do the same. If those 10% want to allow foreigners onto their property, want to sell their land to foreigners, want to employ foreign workers, etc, they are within their rights to do so, regardless of what their neighbors think.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."