Comment: Silver above ground is being depleted

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Silver above ground is being depleted

at an alarming rate, mostly because it is used in most high tech electronics. The amount of Gold above ground on the other hand has been increasing for years since it is never thrown away and used very little in industry.
20 years from today Silver will probably be worth more per ounce than Gold owing to its scarcity and our dependence on it. Buy Silver.
Also, if Gold goes to $10,000 per ounce and silver hits $250, and you need $500 worth groceries to tide you over for a few days, what do you take to the store, an ounce of gold or 2 ounces of silver?
When that happens carrying more than you need will probably be confiscated anyway - remember "redistribution of wealth" which is being implemented in a hundred ways as I speak.
I have some silver bullion, but taken to buying Rosie 1964 or earlier dimes (90% Silver) as a way to use exact amounts without melting (or smelting) an ounce of gold bullion.. Buy Silver.