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Demographic changes can cause political changes (of course)

But you're focusing exclusively on immigration-induced changes in the ethnic balance, and assuming they must always be for the worse. Have you considered the possibility that ethnic changes brought about by immigration might be beneficial? Why would you assume that the native population is always superior to the immigrant population? Moreover, you're ignoring all other types of demographic change: religious, cultural, ideological, class, age. Such changes are happening all the time and have nothing to do with immigration. Yet these demographic changes could also cause political changes, and they could be for the worse. So should we resist them? Should governments make laws to prevent these demographic changes as well? Censorship, establishment of religion, enforced morality, control of reproduction and breeding? If restrictive immigration policy is justified by the need to manage demographic change, then it seems all of those other policies could likewise be justified by the need "to retain the customs of law, economic policies, mores and behavioral norms, etc., which they prefer." Certainly that is not the kind of world I want to live in...

P.S. You might also ask yourself whether such policies would more likely reflect the preferences of the "nation" ...or of the politicians. ;-)

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