Comment: Guys, guys.What we really

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Guys, guys.What we really

Guys, guys.

What we really need to decide is what we value higher, our racism or our antisemitism.

The main disagreement here seems to be over which should take precedence - the desire to see African refugees turned away, or the desire to heap scorn and blame on Israelis for being such awful racists.

It's a very hard one, and we shouldn't let it divide us as a community. Can't we just agree that we don't like any of them and leave it at that? The Africans don't belong there, and the Israelis are horrific racists for agreeing with this.

Boom, two birds with one stone.


^^^How this debate appears to the outside world.

How about we say this. We sympathize with the plight of the refugees, and wish Israel would proffer as much aid as they can, and overcome prejudices and xenophobic fears in order to transition these wretched people to a safer place.

Let's also try to sympathize with the Israelis, and realize how we would feel if our neighborhoods were being inundated with refugees from a foreign culture, many of whom probably despised us, and who can be reasonably expected to be difficult to manage without lots of unintended consequences.

We can get down from our high moral perch of self righteousness and desire the good of both groups, while recognizing that both sides have a point and both sides also have moral shortcomings in how they're behaving.