Comment: I dunno...It's a win-win

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I dunno...It's a win-win

I dunno...

It's a win-win situation for Rand. Unless, he hasn't tapped the donor base of McConnell yet. I guess the timing is key. Though I criticized Benton to some C4L national coordinators, they reassured me that Benton is able get good intel by being the campaign manager for McConnell.

Also don't forget that party rules dictate that you always endorse the party's incumbent. Ron Paul mentioned that too. He had no choice but to endorse all TX incumbent Republicans when he was in office. Surly you may remember in an interview that Ron Paul said that as much as he goes against the grain even he can't NOT endorse incumbent republicans in TX. For this reason I doubt Rand will get involved in de-throning L Graham and McCain.

Ideally, I'd love to see Rand infiltrate AND get in good w/ McConnell's decades old donor base AND have Bevin win the primary!