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Comment: Not all of us are bad

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Not all of us are bad

I'm a Certified Financial Planner (tm) and die hard Ron Paul supporter, although I almost never comment on here. I've told most of my younger clients that their retirement could be priced in SDR 's and not dollars. Ive also tried to maneuver my older clients to minimize damage from the bond bubble popping. I've been called a conspiracy theorist by some even for pointing out the $85 billion QE program.

Most advisors think inside the box and have no idea how the fed really works. It also doesn't help that the average advisor is 55 years old. Although I've done a pretty good job converting the neocons in my office to accept libertarians.

The problem is only a handful of colleges mention Austrian economics. I took a class on the Fed in college and my class won the national Fed challenge over the likes of Yale and Harvard..and our saying was "in fed we trust". I went on to become one of the youngest CFP's (r) in the world at 25 yrs old, and I will tell you none of the test focus or even mention Austrian economics.

I'm proof that there are some good advisors out there. I even ran an entire marathon carrying a Ron Paul 2012 sign that you can see in my avatar. Due to strict social media rules I can't get into detail on here but my website is if anyone wants to get ahold of me in a state I'm licensed in.

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies" TJ