Comment: I'm here too!

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I'm here too!

I'm in China in the Fujian province, just a quick boat ride from Taiwan. Taiwan is exporting many great ideas/programs about cancer here. Check out something called 'spinning'. Participants literally spin in circles for about an hour (not on a bicycle). You learn the technique in such a way that you do not get dizzy. It is supposed to help the patient let go of any stuff on the mental/spiritual level that is promoting the cancer. Its really quite amazing. I've seen hundreds of people doing it at once. They put trash cans around the edges and cancer patient will go over and throw up from time to time - literally throwing up the cancerous stuff that their spirit needs to release to help detox the mind and spirit. I practice Chinese Medicine and living in China has been a mind blowing experience to understand that the USA food knowledge is a fraction of what the Asian cultures understand. Best wishes with your journey! One thing to note: nobody in China eats raw. They heat the food and drink so your stomach does not have to deplete energy doing this. Most people with cancer have cold bodies, so the key is to promote warmth in the body. Cold = dead. Warm = alive.