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"What we really need to

"What we really need to decide is what we value higher, our racism or our antisemitism."

What?! LOL!

"The main disagreement here seems to be over which should take precedence - the desire to see African refugees turned away, or the desire to heap scorn and blame on Israelis for being such awful racists."

It's one thing to turn them away. It's another thing altogether to put them in camps and deprive them of their rights. It isn't their overt racism so much as their blatant hypocrisy that chaffs my ass.
As you heard, some Israelis are demanding that anyone that even dares to support their basic rights be put into the same camps with them.

I felt exactly the same way about South African policies. Fortunately that issue wasn't clouded by the constant cry of 'anti-semitism'.

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