Comment: Yeah, right, because I'm JIDF...

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Yeah, right, because I'm JIDF...

If you really believe that it just goes to show how delusional you actually are.

I'm sitting on my couch, laptop in my lap/next to me in South Carolina as we speak. I wish I was getting paid, or that I even had some friends on here to back me up. You really think if the Jews ran the world, they wouldn't be piling in on this site as well? But who is the overwhelming majority on threads like this, that is not representative of the actual conservative majority in America? The H-I-Fers/pro-radical Islam crowd.
Seriously, Athan, I'm a Jewish American. I support the national sovereignty of Israel. I don't support all the policies of their government, naturally, but this one I do support. They don't have to allow certain nations' immigrants into their country. They aren't America, it's not our say.
When you compare these over-blown, sensationalized stories of Israel (a country smaller than New Jersey surrounded by hostile Islamic dictatorships) to what is happening routinely in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, etc. it becomes clear that Israel is the least of the human rights abuse problems in the middle east. Of course Muslims like to blame Jews for Muslim on Muslim violence, much like some black leaders (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc.) have blamed whites for black on black violence.

I have pointed out in several posts just how Israel should be compared to many Muslim countries in the middle east when it comes to human rights abuses. It is not even close. The only democracy in the middle east, Israel, is lightyears ahead of the Theocratic Islamic dictatorships and Kingdoms that surround it, in terms of being consistent with libertarian ideals. Israel has to protect it's people and it's infrastructure, and you just want Israel destroyed. So.. discussion is really pointless, actually.

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