Comment: I am a Libertarian

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I am a Libertarian

I'm actually starting Midwifery school in Jan. I had both my kids at home when it was considered illegal, I believed in my right to choose when and where I had my kids and it was perfect for me. Now I plan on helping other capable women achieve what the establishment would have us give up entirely, the right to our own bodies. The ability to make our own informed choices and decisions about what is best for our own families. I expect that more women will realize the system doesn't have our best interest in mind and take control over what is a natural bodily function. Especially now with Obama Care, my god will C-sec be mandatory now that insurance companies run the show? We already have a 33% rate here in CA. Women are carved up like animals. OMG don't get me started... I just wanted to let you know we are out here maybe not in the spotlight but working on making a difference in our communities just the same.