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" ... he kept two sets of books and "bought" the coins back from those he paid them to with FRNs."

Excerpt from a garden variety report of the second trial:

"The jury found that Robert and Lori Kahre devised and used a payroll scheme that concealed and disguised the true amount of income received by his employees and the employees of the companies for which he provided payroll services. Robert Kahre maintained an office at 6270 Kimberly Avenue in Las Vegas where he claimed to pay employees in gold or silver coins, but which were actually immediately exchanged for pre-determined envelopes of cash. The face amount of the coins was one-eighth the amount of pay that the employee actually earned and received in the cash envelope."

I offer to pay you in gold coins at face value. You receive the coin. I then offer (or offer separately in advance) to trade the coin you just received for Federal Reserve Notes and you agree. It is two transactions if possession of the gold coin changes hands twice.

Dollars have an acquisition cost which differs based on the form. Gold coin (market value) or Federal Reserve Notes (interest). However one dollar spent is valued at one dollar irregardless of the form.

You might as well be shilling for the establishment with your accounting argument.