Comment: Investment Strategy in an Uncertain World, Harry Browne

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Investment Strategy in an Uncertain World, Harry Browne

In March 1980, he wrote "Forecasting vs. Strategy," in which he said that profits come from a good strategy, rather than accurate forecasts. And as the decades progressed he became progressively more anti-prediction. And he published many full-length articles explaining why it's impossible to predict human action - no matter how simple it may seem.

This book contains 16 of those articles that discuss Harry's investment strategy. They contain perceptive explanations that debunk so much of what passes for investment wisdom - plus intelligent comments about life. Most of all, the main thrust of the articles is a step-by-step analysis of how you can deal with an uncertain world - without preconceptions or dogma.

These articles will remind you of something you learned a long time ago - that the future is unknowable. They will also reassure you that you don't have to rely on fortune tellers (chartists) to deal successfully with any part of you life -- including your investments. And they're written in Harry's patented easy-to-follow style, sprinkled with his good humor.