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that presenter is disgusting,

that presenter is disgusting, why care about killing people who've done nothing to you, huh.....we have plans, and those plans are more important than a single life, huh.........when others do it, obviously i care, we need to invade syria anyway, huh........

Because your mentality is to do as the "higher ups" tell you, you show us what your willing to do, and the "plan" of the "higher ups" is your CHARACTER, you are WEASELS, unwilling or too SCARED to speak up when that little voice is trying to get your attention, your mind is so warped, or so BOUGHT, that you dont see or ignore the fact that you are trying to argue that its ok to kill an inocent because that "very important person" said we should do it

YOU ARE PATHETIC, and if i am blunt, it is because that mentality OFFENDS me, it will not be FORGOTTEN, it will NOT be forgiven, and the more you do it, the less affect you think you will have, IT WONT WORK, because in the age of the internet, with so much more access to information and MULTIPLE examples of PROPAGANDA, people will eventually see you for what you are, and the "influence" msm AND government has over the people, they WILL start "reading between the lines"

You say "your not saying anything new", well i say to YOU "your not saying anything new" parrot one another so much its astounding, and when one says ONE incorrect, bad, or down right stupid, you ALL do, to show "solidarity", no thoghts, no critical thinking, just parrot and ASSUME your "masters" are correct

rant over