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You will claim "jurisprudence"

All while the psychopathic "courts" operate with unlawful tender claiming to be under the very contract that defines the lawful tender of their bounded duty.

This debt note is mathematically guaranteed to fail and in the process of failing will (and has) cause more injury to more people than ANY street thug or even gang of street thugs could ever cause. Proper jurisprudence and the law enables and requires me to go after the psychopaths claiming to be courts with criminal charges. I know the pain that this unlawful tender is causing and I know the depths of which the injury will likely go. When I try to seek justice against them for their Breach of Duty the sophisticated gang of criminals protect themselves by saying "we are not going to anything and you will not have access to the jury unless we deem it appropriate". This position flies in the face of proper jurisprudence. Here I am with the facts in hand and their own admission to breach of duty but no remedy and justice can be obtained because they unlawfully claim a monopoly on justice.

If we are all equals in the eyes of the law why can't I have access to justice when I already know its within Jurisprudence and is my duty to uphold the law?

You seem to want to turn some knobs and flip switches to reconfigure the machine of tyranny to be a kindler gentler machine of tyranny. I want to dismantle the machine smelt all of its components and plant a tree of liberty in its place. I would prefer that insiders like yourself wake up and help take out the trash. But the imminent and actual danger of this nightmare seems to be outside of your understanding. The law is about protections, the "law" should never be used a weapon against anyone.

Also, remember I said:
Right now because of all the crime most people I know would never call the cops even if they witnessed a crime because most I know assume that the cop and the courts will probably destroy their life for simply coming into contact with them.

This scenario is happening because of a failure of jurisprudence. If law abiding people feel that the process of "justice" is a weapon that will be used to destroy their life how can you ever interpret this as a correct form of Jurisprudence. You have lost the army of law abiding people on the look out for crime and especially those who could provide insider details of MAJOR criminal activity because of being free thinking and able to penetrate most circles but would never help the justice system because of the probability that their life will be destroyed.

If we were to talk I could give you detailed examples of my and others experience that could show definitively that this is indeed the case. The "courts" lose law abiding allies when they enable code to define perfectly lawful activity as "crimes".

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...