Comment: Primary and Kinky

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Primary and Kinky

I think you must choose either Republican Or Democrat as always in the Primary.

No way am I going to miss the chance of voting for the folks I mentioned just to help Kinky

I don't know about Kinky, I liked him back before we had Ron Paul Republicans, but the more I read about him the less I like him. Also, not to sound partisan. But if the Dems win even one Statewide Race we are screwed.

Because then the National Democrat Party will get excited and start pouring millions of dollars into defeating Tea Party and Pro Liberty candidates that they view as "Extreme" and "Vulnerable" in other words lacking in establishment support, we have at least 5 or 6 pro liberty State Reps, we need to add to them, not lose them.

I doubt Kinky will be the best candidate on the ballot in the general election, last election I voted for the best candidates in the Republican Primary, Ron Paul Wes Riddle, Glen Addison, etc. I voted against my incumbent State Rep and he lost, but the new guy is now the second most Liberal Republican in the state house, go figure. I feel sick about it :(

Everyone I voted for lost in the Primary's, and runoffs, except for the John Devine a Supreme Court candidate endorsed by Medina, and the State Rep guy (he started smelling funny, so I did not vote for him in the General, thank goodness)

So in the General Election I voted Constitution Party for President and Libertarian for everything else except for John Devine.

Not saying I won't vote for Kinky, but I would need to be persuaded.