Comment: I think your friend was right.

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I think your friend was right.

I think your friend was right. But there might be one difference - at least as relates to this particular case. Here, it's about MONEY. School districts do have a choice in the matter. This involves the FEDERAL PRESCHOOL PROGRAM. It's funded by FEDERAL grants. And... FEDERAL money comes with strings attached. And so, while I did find it outrageous, and DO find it outrageous, it's a DEAL that was accepted by the district - a BRIBE.

Also, currently, school is only mandatory as of kindergarten (though the president and *many others* hope to change that). It would appear that this *preschool* program is voluntary. Basically, it's FREE DAYCARE. (I don't support any pre-school programs, or after-school programs, other than what are offered on a sliding scale based on income for parents using it.)

But, schools don't just accept federal money for pre-school programs. And so, through bribery, the federal (or state) government can get its policies in place in older grade levels, too. It's a sorry system.

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