Comment: Atheist/evolutionist here, just what is "made up"?

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Atheist/evolutionist here, just what is "made up"?

I'm sure that "chessewhiz" believes in some wild made up stories...Meanwhile, the "controversy" is NOT over the fact of human evolution itself. The "controversy" is only about filling in the details as more and more evidence keeps coming in, which is a wonderful problem to have. Having that jaw is huge. As you might not know or realize, we homo sapiens (humans) all share one distinct feature in our skulls, that is our jutting chins. Our chins angle out and away from our lower teeth line, while all apes and early proto homos such as these skulls here, do not, they angle back in towards the neck. This give ancient skulls that "ape-like" look, that is, no jutting chin. It appears from all the evidence today that the human body was very nearly formed 1.8 million years ago as an upright and walking, fingers shortened, foot toes all forward and in alignment, hips flexed to a permanent open form we see today. That is, 1.8 million years ago, human looking bodies with "ape-like" faces. The last thing to change apparently was the face. Changing in our lineage was its distinct larger cranium, recessed brow ridges, and most of all, our unique jutting chins. You might call our lineage of homos, "the Jutting Chin tribe", or the "Big Head tribe" or the "No Brow Baby Face tribe".

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