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I'll read a Dawkins book before slipping on some Cheesewhiz

Competing theories? What "competing theory" is there? Recall that to be a theory, it must have FACTS that require an explanation (theory) and that theory must be falsifiable, that is, testable.
Explain to all those on the DailyPaul what "Competing theory" to natural selection that you are referring to. And if you are going to name one of several dozen religious "theories" for Man's existence, start with spelling out the Facts that you are trying to explain and then tell us what FACTS you'll need to see inorder to say its been disproven.

Meanwhile, if you want to disprove the theory of evolution as coming about via natural selection's variation and selection processes, all you have to do is come up with a better (more rational, logical, factual) explanation for all the facts_________..... or simply, find one factual thing that blows the whole theory to kingdomkum such as_________ (you fill in either blank and you'll be more famous than Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon (or is that just a crackpot theory to you too?)

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