Comment: Such BS hurts our cause for Human Freedom

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Such BS hurts our cause for Human Freedom

Such a load of unscientific crap.

Look, if you Want to believe in Gawd or Gawds... REALIZE that there is ZERO scientific facts supporting your belief.

If you want to believe in Gawds or Gawd, realize that when it comes to challenging the scientific facts, you are so out of your league that look WORSE than incredibly amateurish, and so your scientific illiteracy discredits the freedom movement as a whole.

Here is what I mean by this. Say you have great economic reasoning as to why raising the minimum wage will actually increase the number of unemployed at the margin. Say further that I did not learn this economic science, but I was fully versed in evolutionary sciences. IF I HAD HEARD YOUR ARROGANT IGNORANCE in natural science, I would strongly DOUBT your intelligence when it came to your economic science.

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