Comment: I honestly don't understand how

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I honestly don't understand how

otherwise rational people can be so hypocritical. If Bernanke posted here calling everyone a crazie nutjob because you can't get onboard with the monetary policy of the modern world, other posters here would eat him alive. There would be some name calling, sure, but mostly there would be factual evidence, historical events and thousands of fully supported, proven claims of corrupt influence. In short, when you're right and you know it, people tend to provide evidence to that effect. Name calling and obfuscation are techniques for avoiding real debate. That's evidence that you haven't got a case.

I long for the day when this topic can be just understood enough to even debate it rationally! (For example: Global warming and climate change are NOT the same thing. One influences the other and only one is perceptible by humans without instruments.) When we reach that point, maybe more people will see that there is much more to the debate than just "NWO wants to tax us!!!!!" GAWD, I can't stand that simplistic thinking. Of course they want that but don't you think big energy wants something too? How does the massive propaganda we're flooded with show these two as polar opposites for the same cause? Why is it that regardless of which side tells us what to think, neither is promoting any genuine solutions? (Hint the real solutions are local, better and cheaper but not shown on MSM or some BP commercial.)

Please, people. Just stop fighting FOR EXXON and BP just so you can fight against NWO or banks. Instead, let's fight all of them, including any government regulation at all, by simply solving the problem on our terms. Stay local.