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Quickly "diluted"

Dilution is not an accurate description of how radioactive particles travel in a saline fluid. This kind of rhetoric belies the idea that ionized particles simply just dissolve into nothing.

Fact of the matter is that the radioactive water will actually be diluting the sea, making it 300 tonnes less salty (unless the nuke water is greater than or equal to the amount of salt in the sea).

Radioactive particles don't just wash out of the nuke waste, they will ionize with other elements while the water that contained it would be washed out and diluting the sea. Where do the ionizing particles go? Directly into the immediate environment, affecting fish, sea vegetables, and other oceanic life that is now and has been found on restaurant plates and washing up on the shores in other countries.

Guess what happens when the fallout gets into you? Cancer.
But when that happens maybe we'll be told it's just "diluted cancer" and will take 130,000 years to spread to our thyroid, brain, heart, liver, and kidneys, haha.