Comment: Same old dance

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Same old dance

Sorry, but mercury is not required for panels.
In fact, solar panels have been made with spinach sandwiched between two plates of glass.

Furthermore, the claim that the cost of recycling panels making the inefficient is completely unfounded. Please show the costs to build, lifespan of panel, and compare to costs of "recycling" them as well as how often they need to be "recycled".

Considering the nuke industry has been around for as long as it has by "recycling" its death-soup waste into our food and hiding it in tribal land, I'd say there's a lot less to worry about with solar panels.

The total energy output is a tangent, that red herring ain't going nowhere. But I'll give you a hint: The reason is a mafia-esque monopoly and technological suppression. Gee, who would have guessed a corrupt industry like the nuke cartel would be so bad?