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Comment: I used to run nuclear reactors in the Navy...

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I used to run nuclear reactors in the Navy...

...but I was only in for 5 years, and that was a couple of decades ago.

Here's what a former engineering officer on a nuclear powered aircraft carrier had to say about the water you're all scared of...

"If someone drank two liters per day of the water that we are supposed to be afraid of for an entire year, their committed effective dose would be just 3 mSv; it would slightly more than double their annual background dose. If the entire amount of that water entered the Pacific Ocean, it would contain less than 0.00002 grams (0.02 milligrams) of strontium-90."

If you want to see his calculations you can go to the website below.

This is the scary water you're all freaking out about. You could drink it straight out of the pipe and it's not going to kill you. If its diluted by the entire ocean, it's inconsequential.