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This cover communicates

This cover communicates something I want to learn more about. It looks like a chess piece in the negative space, between the people.

The chess piece is what I first saw. I saw nothing else, not even the title. Just bam, chess piece.

If that book's cover and its subject interest you, you'll like this book I recommended in the DP book list thread. As Word Play's cover is insightful, so is the cover of the book I recommended.

Language and logic, the same substance but different appearance. One activity is the short version of the other. One activity is the expression of the other: A:B::B:A. Each version clears away confusion the other version caused. Balance, good. Out of balance, bad.

Michael, colons weren't available to use in screen names when I became a DPer. Are they available now? If they are, how can I change my name? I'd like it to be what I wanted, A:B::B:A, which stands for This is to That as That is to This, the verbal denotation of relationship.


Concerning the reason for your travel, if you sister in law has had dentistry work, consult the dentistry section in stillwater's health post. In this old comment of mine is a list of truthful dentistry books (including a title of a video) and a sentence I wrote to you. Other videos are in still's health post. Recently I made this comment in that post. It's about jaw bone necrosis dentistry causes, mostly from vasso constriction anesthesias.

Oh, among a few book titles I didn't put on the list (but will inform you about, so just ask if you want to know) is the following title because I wanted to hide it until I got the copy of it I wanted. I bought it this summer. I discovered the copy in question in fall of 2009. This copy was expensive and because of my knowledge, I had to have this book and couldn't risk someone with less knowledge than mine on this subject and likely who didn't experience dentistry how I did get hold of that copy. So I knew I had to keep mum about this book, but I did hint at it a few times on the DP. That silence was half the battle. The other half was attrition and hope: The book was priced high, keeping everyone away from it. If anyone came along with the appreciation of this book especially when compared to any other truthful dentistry book, that person would've known the book's price was fair. The book is the best truthful dentistry book, even better than Weston Price's two-volume, 1,176 page book. That book: Death and Dentistry, 1940, by Martin H. Fischer, MD. Good luck, Michael.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.