Comment: Feature request: show number of times user has been banned?

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Feature request: show number of times user has been banned?

Hi Michael,

I recently started contributing to this site financially again. Thank you for your patience in my recovery. One of the reasons that I was so strongly affected by past behavior (apart from the brain injury that made me forgetful) was that I had learned some amazing facts from a certain user, who was banned, and that made me sad and negative towards the banning and those who allowed it.

Months later (recently), I learned from (((Atruepatriot))) a larger history of this user's behavior, including repeated bannings in the past. This took me a lot of effort to get through, and during this time my participation on this site was greatly reduced.

This leads to the feature request idea: on a user's page, add a few more metrics to show "number of times user has been banned completely", "from posting", and "from commenting".

That high-level detail may have been sufficient for me to stop campaigning for this user to return.

(Lower-level detail would be interesting as well, but I would think less necessary -- but to be able to see why (and when) a user had been banned might be useful, unless of course those posts/comments were too offensive and were removed.)

Thank you for this site, Michael. Godspeed and good luck with your sister-in-law. An energy healing note: hold hands in a circle and breathe deeply, into your belly then your chest. Or have many people put their hands on her body, and similarly breathe deeply. We have the capability to change the world with our minds. Deep breathing is a component of all energy healing modalities; above is from the book "Quantum Touch".

A quick JSJ (Jin Shin Jyutsu, see my signature) lesson: hold each finger of the opposite hand, like make a fist with the left hand, and put your right thumb inside it. Take five deep breaths. Switch hands, take five deep breaths. Then go back to the first hand, using the right index finger. Repeat until you have held all ten fingers, breathing five deep breaths each. This will take about five minutes, and will send energy to all the body's systems. Each finger is associated with different emotions, organs, etc. I don't remember them all but one I do recall is the middle finger -- it is associated with anger (for obvious reasons), and also the liver. Oh, the mnemonic is "get rid of worry, fast" -- for the emotions at least; the thumb is worry, and the other four are F.A.S.T. -- index is fear, middle is anger, ring is sadness, and the pinky is tension but more like pretension, e.g., showing something other than one's true self.

These can be combined; have multiple people each hold one of her fingers, etc, at least as far as physically possible.

At any rate, thank you for giving and I will join many others in praying for you and your extended family's safety and happiness.


I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. - Fully Informed Jury Association - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)