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property rights, money, & markets

It is entirely a cut and dry property rights issue. If that tree really is so special and draws so many visitors, the developers are unlikely to threaten its existence anyway--they'll rather make money off of it in the form of increased property values for the homes they could build there or a tourist gift shop.

If it's really that special, the market will sort it out.

The combination of words above indicate a clear misundestanding of property rights, money, and markets.

Perhaps reading/listening to Ch3 of will help clear a few things...

03-01 Long – A Plea for Public Property
03-02 Gillis – From Whence Do Property Titles Arise?
03-03 Wilbur – The Gift Economy of Property
03-04 Chartier – Fairness and Possession
03-05 Long – The Libertarian Case Against Intellectual Property Rights

What are the "market" incentives to look out for Nature's P&L statement?