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Comment: ..and "binary as base" translates to other things as well.

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..and "binary as base" translates to other things as well.

..such as digital circuits, logical gates, electrical-analog methods (electricity flowing through stuff), redirection of energy.

However, I would not say that programmers (in general) deal with such things.

To illustrate how I see your comment (no offense, yet this is my reaction), here is an analogy:

Bosses often issue verbal commands, but those words all translate to vibrations of air. So, bosses are only vibrating air.

To those who know, saying programming is all about ones and zeros, makes you look ignorant, often funny, yet ignorant. ..even if you find yourself in a room of people who agree, ignorant.

I don't mean to offend. I'm just giving fair warning to those who perpetuate ignorance.

Leave that club and you will be better for it.