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LOL ...

... regarding my longevity. It's just "Common Sense." ;-)

BTW: My friends call me Tommy.

Thanks for the reply. Regarding the 14th, I remember reading that it was passed (a) unconstitutionally because the southern states were being run by the feds under martial law, and (b) the justification for it was that due to the Dred Scott decision, black slaves were not citizens with standing, so the 14th was to correct that. But this view does not square with your view. What's your take on that?

Also, with Roberts claiming the general taxing authority, it still stands that there are only two types of taxes: direct and indirect. The penalty is calculated on income SOMETIMES. There is a minimum amount that is not calculated on income, so it is NOT a tax that falls under the 16th Amendment. Correct?

That would leave "normal" direct and indirect taxes. Since it is not apportioned, it cannot stand as a direct tax. And since it is not uniform (Nevada has been given an exemption, for example), it cannot stand as an indirect tax. Correct?

So, it seems that even with Roberts' treason, it still is not constitutional. Of course, the Supremes might just deny cert. in the future.

Will be interesting to see if they take up the case now about the fact that the bill did not originate in the House. Only takes 4 Supremes to get it on the calendar. They might be looking for revenge.