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Not to belabor, but as an example.

Some of our folks stopped going to Central Committee meetings in Clark County, NV, one of the top 5 critical GOP counties in presidential election politics in America. The cited reason was "fed up with GOP" in most cases.

Result? A completely Ron Paul Republican controlled county incl. the chair and executive committee turned over to Sheldon Adelson's people (i.e. GOP/RNC consultants) control by a number of votes you could could on two hands.

And that right at the beginning of the 2016 election cycle. Adelson and the establishment there are hostile to Rand Paul and will attempt to move all delegates to John McCain or the like, who will then promptly drop out, giving the state party and RNC the ability to shift national delegates to their candidate of choice.

All because literally 10 or fewer county committee members threw their hands up LP-style, two years prior, we are at high risk of losing all national delegates from the state to the bad guys.

Lesson: YOU CANT QUIT. ETERNAL VIGILANCE MEANS ETERNAL, not temporary or not just for a year or two. This was a HUGE, MASSIVE loss for us.

fyi... this just got posted right now on DP about Adelson

So, giving up on the one county committee enables this ****er to pursue other agendas that those who quit also oppose. Too bad the quitters don't see the connection from their actions of quitting through to the GLOBAL scale.