Comment: Single payer at this point is just accounting

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Single payer at this point is just accounting

Unless they actually nationalize the hospitals and get rid of the healthcare corporations/insurers, ACA vs. single payer is just different accounting. In the former, we're forced to pay premiums to the corporations. In the former, the government taxes us and then pays premiums (or more likely health care costs + an overage to meet medical loss ratio/profit margin).

Although with single payer, the government probably gets a slightly bigger take on the money.

But in either case:
- Premiums go up
- Health care corporations get profits at the point of a gun

It's so blatantly third position / fascism that it is a shame nobody is saying it. That SHOULD be the ACA's opposition, i.e., "ACA is wholesale fascism" but the pro-business/corporatist R's would expose themselves.

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