Comment: I wish your family the best.

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I wish your family the best.

I don't know what might be in line or not with your beliefs, so I'll just put this out there for what it might be worth:
~ Here is the testimony of Dodie Osteen, Joel Osteen's mother, who 20 years ago was diagnosed with liver cancer and given weeks to live. The first half is her story. In the second half she's recorded the 40 healing scriptures she spoke every morning (and still does).
~ Between Bernie Siegel's Love, Medicine, & Miracles (which I read in the 80's), what I've learned since thru various books and documentaries on the connection between body, mind, and spirit, including the study of epigenetics (the ability to change our very DNA), the teaching of Gloria Copeland re healing (personally aware of one rather dramatic story involving a friend who was hospitalized)... I can't other than believe in the power of God to heal... or perhaps one might say, God creating our bodies with the capacity to heal themselves. Re the Copelands, prayers can be submitted by e-mail at their website or by phone. And here is a tape I found of one of Gloria's healing seminars.

Sending thoughts, love, and prayer. -mdefarge

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir