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Comment: Yeah and it was also

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Yeah and it was also

the GOP - featuring Sarah Palin. And then there was Glenn Beck.

The original was the best - after the $6 million money bomb in 2007 for the Good doctor.

That was when it was based on his philosophies but the neo-cons knew a good and growing movement when they saw it and hopped on ran it into the ground with their garbage.

I saw it too when I went to a rally back in 2007. All the speakers. No one mentioned Ron Paul. It was a bunch of war mongers. At the end I grabbed the mike and asked as loud as I could - "How come NO one who spoke here mentioned Ron Paul?" Nobody said a word but the Ron Paul supporters did cheer!

And then on the FB page when I mentioned that there was NO mention of foreign policy, military offensive spending etc. they banned me.

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