Comment: I swear, that reply box also began with me telling my

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I swear, that reply box also began with me telling my

QWERTY-fingers to stop at one paragraph, just one .cD

like I said: it never listens to me .o(


DTA-SRS... yeah, would love to check it out (better yet, would LOVE to take that class!); every reviewer says that its trigger is unlike the typically creepy sloppy bullpup trigger groups.

it'd have been interesting to see the SOCOM adopt that over the anti-gun NY-based corporatist Remington's MSR the 'me-too I can swap out my .338LaPuaMag for .300WinMag & .308 nextgen modular platform' when they really were one of the last of the big makers to do so.

Barrett had one, FNH had the Ballista, Accuracy International (still don't know WHY American military would use the RedCoat's (US Corp & 'English Queen-owned USA'-meme aside, for the sake of conversation, y'all get the gist. lol), but can't deny their quality) have their own, I think, along with a Beretta/SAKO variant.

Regardless, never thought that US Mil. would ever go for bullpup setup anyway, so guess it's not that surprising that they've officially adopted another Remington.

GunWerks' YT page is like long distance shooting university! I actually kinda avoid it, like the plague...just like I literally will NEVER leave that site! LOL.

you know, seeing as how you state:

But like you said earlier: ammo prices are only going up and that's a bad thing for target-only shooters like myself.

my man, we're all SOL: Last Remaining Lead Smelter In The USA Closing After 120 Years

that's one area where I go: Fcuk 'progress!' .o/

Kirsten's rifle is a Volquartsen; check it out:

Gun Review: Volquartsen Snake-Fluted Barrel Rifle

PS. "We did "drive by" techniques in the Army at about 10-15mph and I couldn't hit shit with an m4." Oh you'd love these guys; they do 'back of the pickup 'drive-by' for fun! (though, their muzzle discipline kinda is slightly not to my liking, be that as it may:

Get some fave tacti-cool friends, a pickup truck, plenty of AR500 targets: go Arctic!


Arctic Vehicle Operations: VSO Goes Mobile
VigilantSpectre Operations
Published on Feb 21, 2013

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul