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Again, not

that I believe in the welfare state, but people have come to rely on these handouts and, imo, should SLOWLY be weaned off...BUT how dare these rotten SOB's take the poor's food stamps yet continue on with all these UN-wanted WARS??? How about defunding wars BEFORE even one nickel is taken from the poor?? How about following the Constitution and allowing REAL free markets so that people can work, so that REAL jobs can be created?

I haven't had TV in years and haven't subscribed to my local non-newspaper in over a year, so I was unaware that this was even going to occur. I see it's allegedly because a recession-era boost is set to expire.

But 'we' can continue on with foreign aid, right? And how about this recent headline: U.S. QUIETLY (SNEAKING, nothing new) releasing $1.6 B (billion)in Pakistan Assistance?

I enjoyed Nigel's honesty during the interview...

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