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define "know"

I can't say I know anything about Michael Badnarik's personal habits.

It is entirely possible to not have a drivers license. One can ride a bike, ride the bus, take a helicopter, etc. Taxis. Live in New York, or San Francisco maybe. All kinds of ways that can be done.

I do NOT believe he is driving around with no license and registration. And I suggest that you don't "know" that either. What is your proof that has happened or is still happening?

Most of the things you put in quotes are things that exist. There IS a UCC 1-207. I took not one but two UCC courses in law school and know the UCC well. It doesn't say what you want it to is the problem. Chapter two of the UCC applies ONLY to contracts for sales of goods between merchants. That's it.

The other things you put in quotes are legal concepts, but they don't support any of your mumbo jumbo fake law theories. That doesn't mean that there isn't some kook out there mis-using the terms. But Badnarik did not.

You quote him out of context for saying "only under contract can you compel performance." I would like to know what context you got that from. Clearly, when the police wanted to arrest Adam Kokesh, they "compelled" him without a contract to take up residency at the graybar motel. So I suspect you are using a quote out of context, and trying to apply it is an absolute to all circumstances, when it clearly isn't and probably wasn't intended to be that way. Quote mining is very deceptive.

If everyone who uses FRNs or pays taxes is evil then we're all doomed, you too.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein