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Thank you

I did consider immigration but I think we all agree that open immigration would be ideal, but sadly Milton Friedman's observation that open immigration + the welfare state doesn't really work is a concern. So to me this debate (for us) is really about anarchism vs minarchism, ie do we want to open the borders because anything the state does is evil per se, or even to collapse the system sooner, as many anarchists might say, or do we want to try to fix the system, end the welfare state or at least get it under control so that we don't have immigration for the purpose of a welfare check.

The sort of mainstream union style objection that they will 'steal our jobs' is out there but I think people here are economically literate enough not to think that, or else will come up to speed quickly if they continue haunt these environs:)

As for my own position on immigration: I'm somewhat in the end the welfare state then open the border camp. Or at least tie immigration to no benefits for some long period.

I know the state is evil. I want it not to exist. I know we would be incalculably better of without out it.. but I do not particularly want to live through the transition. So if we can restore the Constitution and the Republic I would be very happy.

America still lives in my heart though it is as broken as America.