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Spoken like a true coward ...

... when confronted with a question he cannot answer, he turns to ridicule.

You working from the Saul Alinsky playbook?

How about this quote:

"By the era of the American Revolution trial by jury was probably the most common right in all the colonies. When Parliament imposed the Stamp Act of 1765, authorizing admiralty courts to enforce its provisions, John Adams voiced the American reaction: 'But the most grievous innovation of all, is the alarming extension of the power of courts of admiralty. In these courts, one judge presides alone! No juries have any concern there! The law and the fact are both to be decided by the same single judge.'

"Thus, the Stamp Act. Congress protested the denial of one of 'the most essential rights and liberties of the colonists,' and the Boston town meeting of 1772, which framed 'A List of Infringements and Violations of Rights,' included trial by jury, which it hailed as 'the grand bulwark and security of English property.'

"Colonists vehemently denounced admiralty courts because they worked without juries. Selectively quoting from Blackstone's Commentaries, the colonists praised his remarks to the effect that trial by jury was the 'sacred palladium' of English liberties that might be undermined by new or different methods of trial.

Looks a lot like traffic court. And tax court. Not to mention FISA court. And ...