Comment: That's a VERY minor issue ...

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That's a VERY minor issue ...

... whether a tax credit is deemed income. The IRS will lose that one, but it means nothing in regard to the law itself. Just an accounting issue.

But there is a different case that is also moving forward (the Sissel case) that challenges the entire law because it was declared a tax but the bill did not originate in the House, as required.

Normally, I would assume the Supremes would punt, as they often do on this sort of thing (they should not, but they do).

However, there are 4 justices who were badly burned at the last minute by Roberts on the previous Odumbacare case that they might be looking for revenge. It only takes 4 justices to get a case scheduled on the calendar. That could be a little more interesting and would likely be a 5-4 decision, one way or the other, if they take it.