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Comment: Airlifted cats = Freezing gorillas

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Airlifted cats = Freezing gorillas

Ha, ha. Yup. Same principle.

Yes, I recalled Shepard talking about those mason bees. I don't know if he specifically mentioned butterflies, but I'm sure they're there, too. (Well, it was either a future butterfly or moth that that bee was carrying.) That's a great story. It nicely reflects how you need to observe and then capitalize on the observation - a work in progress until that balance is fully established... a concept that keeps coming up with me! :)

Actually, mentioning the importance of observations there reminds me of something else. In the film Zero Effect, a satire of sorts, Bill Pullman plays a Sherlock Holmes-type private eye. (Ben Stiller is the sidekick.) Darryl Zero talks about the importance of Objectivity and Observation, or "the two 'obs.'" Actually, the same applies in RA - that need for objectivity. I forget the example, but Shepard warned against certain farming assumptions that simply weren't true. You had to do your own objective analysis of the situation. FYI, here's the movie clip. I think it's cute.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir