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It certainly is

an interesting legal question, and I have never heard of it being challenged on those terms and it may be worth exploring; however, my only caveat would be the problem of where you would have to challenge it. The courts in this country have been so severely compromised that many of them are little more than kangaroo courts and there are very, very few judges out there that are willing to cut off either state or federal revenue no matter how sound your argument may be. There are really quite a few legal issues to challenge the income tax on, in addition to the ones I and you referenced...there is the 13th Amendment (taking a portion of your wages without your consent technically would fall into the category of involuntary servitude) and there is also 5th Amendment issues, simply because you are forced to sign a document (return) under oath that can be used as evidence against you in a court of law. There is also the "void for vagueness" issue...what is more vague than our income tax laws? The income tax is repugnant to freedom on a number of levels; however, you, still need a court which is willing to uphold the law, and quite often, they will choose securing revenue for the state over the rule of law, hands down. It's called tyranny and it's taken root and won't be uprooted easily. If you do decide to pursue it, please keep us posted.