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Give it a rest...

The dollar is not "soaring", it is correcting. The only time I used the word "soaring" was in a post laughing at the video recommended in the main body of the thread entitled "The Day The Dollar Died". At the time of my post, the dollar WAS soaring, especially in comparison to what was predicted in that stupid video from the National Inflation Association. It was an observation about what the dollar was doing and had done over the previous few weeks, not a prediction of what the dollar would do over the near term.

I have said many times that I do expect the dollar to rise over an extended period of time, but I have never said it would not correct, and unlike you I have never given specific time frames for what I expect to happen, other than over a period of several years. Any moron who knows anythinng about markets knows they don't move in straight lines and that corrections are normal and expected.

But on you go with your stupid taunts, while your silver still languishes down over 50% over the last 30 months. You have been dead wrong on 500 of your last 500 predictions, and you see fit to talk trash about a 6 or 7 % correction in the dollar, which nobody said would not happen? Give us all a break.