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Hi TJ, thank you!

Allow me to address your points.

1. Yep! "mud" was slang used by the workers!

2. I can only attest to what happened on the rigs I worked at.
My company was very strict on environment. Others...I don't know!

3. I have returned to the wellhead sites during/after reclamation.
Super clean! But then again, I can only cite my company's diligence and adherence.
I am from Pittsbugh, I sure know about the strip mining!
I did not know about the wind turbine BS! That is just wrong and needs to change!

4. Once again, I can only attest to the company I worked for (Big A Drilling). No onsite geologist for us.

5. That may be so ( privy to the company), but I worked for the company and was privy to the info!
Secret mud mix just doesn't seem right at all! The Great and Powerful EPA needs to change that!

Only once can I remember having a dirty, filthy rig and site.
We drill for natural gas...but one time we hit oil!!!
We looked like the cover of National Geographic!
Everything and everyone covered in crude!
That site cleanup was extra intensive and supervised by the Gub'mint!

(I'd be the little guy in front!)

Always nice to have an informative discussion with a fellow DP'r!

Exercise Liberty...and information!

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