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Reason is simple

First, most people that support Rudy are establishment elite. Go to fec.
gov and look where his support comes from and how big his donations are from each. Basically they are sending him contributions from every single person in their family and they are maxing out. So how it works is that 1 person in the family, lets say the father for example will send in $2300.00 for everyone in his family, regardless if those in his family even know or care. So you have 5 family members, you can actually send out $11,500. This is how one rich family can get around the minimum donation laws, and if you go to and look up the candidates that is how Rudy is getting most of his money. Heck I am sure that some of these people are not only giving via their family members, but probably even through friends and employees. While Ron Paul on the other hand, is getting tiny contributions from lots and lots of people - averaging $40. It takes alot more people to make 3 million from $40 a pop, than 1 guy giving $10,000 deceptively through his family members.

So Rudy might have more money, but he has less people contributing that money and with less support as a whole.